Professional Teeth Whitening: It’s the Easiest Way to Look Years Younger

As you get older, the dreaded wrinkles set in and your skin loses its glow. Cosmetic treatments for these things can be time consuming and pricey. But what if you could look years younger just by going to the dentist?

At Woodland Lakes Dental Studio, Dr. Gabriel Polo can get you that younger smile you've been searching for. In just one hour, he can shave years off your appearance with professional teeth whitening treatments.

What causes your smile to age?

There are so many things you do everyday that can make your teeth lose their color. Coffee is one of the biggest culprits, causing stains on your enamel that can give your smile a yellow hue over time. Other factors that can discolor your teeth include:

Even with great brushing and flossing, all of these factors can start to show in your smile. As you age, the protective enamel on your teeth begins to disappear. This allows the inner layer of enamel, called dentin, to become visible. The dentin can also become discolored, leaving you with teeth that are less than white.

However, getting a younger, whiter smile is easier than you think. Achieving a more confident and youthful look is just a phone call away at Woodland Lakes Dental Studio.

How teeth whitening compares to other treatments

There are many options for you to keep your youthful sheen. You can get injections in your face to make the wrinkles disappear or you can undergo expensive surgical procedures to try to take the years off your appearance. You can even get permanent makeup tattooed on your face. All of these things can take a lot of time and money to keep up.

Professional teeth whitening by Dr. Polo is a quick and relatively easy way to take years off your appearance. Although it's not inexpensive, compared to other cosmetic procedures it's much more affordable than going under the knife.

What does teeth whitening entail?

If you opt for professional in-office teeth whitening, you'll sit in an exam room while one of our staff puts a whitening agent on your teeth. A protective gel is then put on your gums to protect them from the bleaching agent. A special light is used to activate the bleach in the whitening gel. This procedure usually takes about an hour.

Another option for getting a younger smile is using take-home teeth whitening trays. This is a more gradual way to whiten your teeth. The trays are custom made to your mouth to ensure a perfect fit. You use the whitening trays at home everyday until you've reached the desired effect.

Our office provides both services and we can discuss your options and which one best fits you and your lifestyle at your consultation.

Tips to keep your smile glowing

Once you get your teeth whitened, how do you keep them looking beautiful? Here are a few tips to keep your smile looking youthful and white: 

The amount of time professional whitening treatments last varies for everybody. It usually lasts anywhere between six months and two years if you keep up with good dental hygiene and avoid foods or drinks that stain the teeth. The good news is, if you see your dazzling smile start to fade, you can call us for a touch up.

If you're ready to take years off your smile with professional teeth whitening, contact our office in Conroe, Texas, at 936-271-3500 or request an appointment online today.

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