Reasons You Should Replace a Missing Tooth

Reasons You Should Replace a Missing Tooth

Losing an adult tooth is never something you want to go through — but unfortunately, it happens. Your tooth could get knocked out as the result of an accident or injury, or it could become infected or damaged and need to be pulled. No matter what the reason, a missing tooth isn’t fun. But what do you do with the hole in your smile? Do you need to replace that tooth?

Dr. Gabriel Polo is our expert dentist at Woodland Lakes Dental Studio in Conroe, Texas. Along with our team, Dr. Polo is ready and able to perform a tooth extraction when needed, and he offers options for replacing that tooth as well. This not only gives you a perfect smile again, but helps deter problems down the road.

What causes you to lose a tooth?

When you’re young, it’s expected and necessary to lose your baby teeth. This allows for your adult teeth to come in, and gives you a healthy and beautiful smile. However, when you lose an adult tooth, it’s usually unexpected.

It takes a decent amount of force to knock out a permanent tooth, which is why it usually happens during something like a sporting activity. You can also have a tooth knocked out in a car accident or if you suffer a bad fall.

But sometimes, a tooth needs to be purposely removed by Dr. Polo due to a severe infection. You may also need to have a tooth pulled if it’s causing you pain after having a root canal or cracking your tooth.

No matter what causes you to lose an adult tooth, one thing is for sure — you don’t want to leave that gap left unfilled for long.

What’s the importance of replacing your tooth?

Unless the tooth you lost is in the front, you might not think you need to replace it. If you can’t see the gap the lost tooth caused, it won’t be an issue, right? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy.

Your teeth are anchored into your jawbone by their roots. To keep your jaw stable and working correctly, your bone is repeatedly rebuilding to hold onto the roots of your teeth. But when you lose a tooth, that gap no longer builds bone. This can lead to instability of your surrounding teeth and deterioration of the bone in your jaw.

Because of the gap that’s left behind, the teeth that surrounded your missing tooth may begin to shift, leading to misalignment. This can cause problems with chewing and other important jaw functions.

Another complication of not replacing a missing tooth is called a super-eruption. This phenomenon occurs when the tooth that’s next to your missing tooth grows in an attempt to fill the space. This also causes issues with your bite, and gives you even more crooked teeth.

Without a tooth anchored into your gums, your bone and gums start to deteriorate. This causes loss of both your bone and gums, leading to your face developing a sunken-in look. 

Dental implants to the rescue

Now that you know why you want to replace your lost tooth, what are your options? There are several options for you to choose from, including dental implants or a partial bridge. You can also opt for a partial denture that you can remove.

In terms of the best option for stability and hygiene, Dr. Polo often suggests a dental implant to replace your missing tooth. A dental implant has several advantages over the other choices, such as:

Dental implants are surgically implanted, so they do require several visits to complete. However, once your implant is placed, you can care for it just like you do the rest of your teeth. Dr. Polo matches the implant perfectly to the color of the rest of your teeth.

Although losing a permanent tooth may seem like the end of the world, dental implants are an exceptional replacement that keeps your smile looking like new.

When you need a tooth pulled or you’ve lost a tooth unexpectedly, don’t hesitate to call our office or book an appointment online today to discuss your options.

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