How to Prepare Your Child for Their Dentist Appointment

How to Prepare Your Child for Their Dentist Appointment

Proper dental care from a young age is the key to a lasting beautiful and healthy smile. However, it’s hard to make your child understand the importance of healthy teeth when they’re young. It’s just as hard to get them prepared for their very first dental appointment, because it can be a scary adventure for a small child.

At Woodland Lakes Dental Studio in Conroe, Texas, our team understands how difficult your child’s first dental appointment can be. Our family dental specialist, Dr. Gabriel Polo, knows just what to do to make you and your child feel welcome and comfortable at their first dental appointment. 

When should your child go to the dentist?

Dental health starts well before your child gets their adult teeth. When they’re little, you diligently teach them how to brush their little teeth and rinse out their mouth. While brushing is very important to your child’s dental health, seeing a dentist is another vital step to a healthy smile.

But when should you take your child to the dentist? The truth is, as soon as your child’s first tooth erupts from their gums, you should make an appointment to see Dr. Polo. Early dental care is vital to your child’s permanent smile, as their baby teeth are only holding the spot for their permanent teeth down the road. 

While this may seem very early to see the dentist, it’s important for a number of reasons. For example, Dr. Polo goes over some of the problems associated with small children and their teeth, including:

Once their first tooth comes in, and after their initial appointment, it’s a good idea to bring your child in yearly for a dental checkup. Of course, if any issues arise before your yearly appointment, you should get your child in to see Dr. Polo so they don’t suffer any further issues or decay.

Tips for a successful first appointment

Thinking about taking your small child to the dentist is probably very overwhelming. Not only is it overwhelming for you, it’s probably also very frightening for your child.

If your child has never been to the dentist before, it’s important that you try to make it as fun and non-stressful as possible. This ensures that your child has a positive experience at our office, so they want to come back for cleanings in the future.

Dr. Polo and our staff want your dental experience to be the best possible for you and your child. Here are a few tips that can help you prepare your child for their visit:

Show excitement for their appointment

Kids are very perceptive. If you show anxiety, they’ll be scared and anxious too. However, that works both ways. If you talk positively about the dentist and speak to them about what to expect, there shouldn’t be any surprises when it’s time for their appointment.

Play dentist at home

Giving your child the reins to assume the role of the dentist to their favorite stuffed animal is a great way to ease any fear associated with their first visit. Talking them through how the dentist checks their teeth and cleans them, and allowing them to act that out can help prepare them for their initial appointment.

Read books to them about the dentist

Reading a familiar book or watching a favorite TV show about going to the dentist is a great way to dissipate any fears related to the dentist. Not only will your child remember the book or show, you can reference it while they're waiting to see Dr. Polo to ease any last-minute anxiety.

Bring a favorite toy or book to the appointment

Something that makes your child feel at ease is the perfect thing to bring to their first appointment. By having an item that brings them comfort, your child’s mind will be at ease and the appointment will go that much smoother.

Another tip for success is to schedule your child’s appointment in the morning, when they’re most alert and not as fussy. This is a tremendous help because they won’t be as nervous with a busy waiting room, and once it’s done they have the whole day ahead of them.

If your child is ready to have their first dental appointment, don’t hesitate to call our office or request an appointment online today to discuss your options.

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