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Perfect Your Smile with Veneers at The Woodlands Dental Office of Dr. Gabriel L. Polo

Over a lifetime of use, teeth can become cosmetically damaged. However, veneers present an option to restore the appearance of a naturally beautiful smile. At the dental office of Gabriel L. Polo, DDS, we supply patients reliable, long-lasting veneer services in The Woodlands.

Prep-Less Veneers

Veneers are versatile prosthetics placed over teeth to bolster their appearance. Patients with chipped,, cracked, discolored, or misshapen teeth can look to this cosmetic dental procedure to repair and restore their smile.

Dr. Polo offers prep-less veneers that require no removal of tooth structure prior to application. Dr. Polo simply takes impressions of the patient’s teeth and then creates a set of veneers that custom-fit to rest over teeth without requiring additional milling.

Prior to receiving prep-less veneers, patients may require an alignment procedure to ensure veneers fit snugly and create best aesthetic. Patients can choose from our minimally invasive alignment procedures options, Cfast or Invisalign®.

Cfast focuses on straightening the social six, the front six teeth in the upper and lower arches. While traditional aligning procedures take about 24 months to accomplish, Cfast takes only six months.

Invisalign® utilizes clear aligning trays to achieve the intended results in as little as one year. This method focuses on discreet treatment, using a system that is nearly invisible.

Traditional Dental Veneers

In additional to prep-less veneers, our office also provides traditional veneers. Traditional veneers utilize tooth-colored materials, including porcelain or resin composite, to imitate natural teeth and create a new aesthetic. In as little as three weeks, patients can achieve long-lasting, beautiful smiles.

Patients may require additional procedures to improve a patient’s oral health prior to receiving veneers.
As an alternative to veneers, we have minimally invasive procedures to brighten teeth without requiring additional procedures. We provide safe teeth-whitening procedures that result in smiles several shades brighter.

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With veneers, patients no longer need to feel embarrassed about misshapen or discolored teeth.

To find out more about veneers, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gabriel Polo, stop by our office in The Woodlands or give us a call today!

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