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Straighten Your Teeth with Invisalign Clear Braces in The Woodlands, TX 

Dr. Gabriel L. Polo understands traditional braces can draw unwanted attention. As an alternative to metal braces, our practice offers both Cfast® and Invisalign® in The Woodlands as our preferred method for straightening teeth. As a certified provider of both treatments, Dr. Polo makes sure patients feel confident in our treatments for building beautiful smiles. 

Why Choose Clear Braces?

While traditional braces still have their place in modern dentistry, not everyone requires complete alignment with full braces. Both alternatives to metal braces provided by Dr. Polo allow patients to achieve similar results, but without brackets and wires. 

To support comprehensive cosmetic care, many patients choose these aligning methods prior to receiving additional procedures, such as veneers.

What Are My Options?

Many patients want straighter teeth, but don’t want their dental treatment to be obvious or look unnatural. Dr. Polo’s clear braces treatments are an excellent method for straightening teeth that won’t attract attention. 

Cfast® addresses the anterior teeth, the six upper or lower teeth, using clear brackets and tooth-colored wires. This procedure gently corrects teeth misalignment that most affect the appeal of a person’s smile. Cfast® provide for speedy results, effective care, and affordable treatment plans.  

Adults with minor dental crowding turn to Cfast® for its efficiency, as this treatment is usually complete within six months–much faster than traditional braces. 

Invisalign® utilizes a series of clear aligners to straighten teeth. Where traditional braces include bonded brackets and wires, Invisalign® is custom made to snugly fit over the surface of teeth. This method is the most discreet teeth-aligning method in dentistry today.

The benefits of Invisalign® include:

  • Practically invisible treatment
  • Convenient
  • Removable

While this method provides excellent results, patients must wear their appliance for at least 22 hours a day, otherwise treatment may be extended. 

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Patients with tilted, twisted, or unevenly spaced teeth can receive orthodontic work without obvious dental treatment. Cfast® and Invisalign® prove viable options as effective alternatives to traditional braces.

For more information about clear braces, or to schedule your orthodontic appointment with Dr. Gabriel L. Polo, come to our dental office in The Woodlands or give us a call today!

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