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Clear braces offer a more appealing way to straighten teeth, and not only achieve identical results compared to metal braces but can do so in a more discreet fashion. Invisalign aligners straighten misaligned teeth support patient confidence.

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Invisalign clear braces are a series of custom-designed plastic aligners molded specifically to the patients’ bite that provide necessary orthodontic intervention. This method gently guides teeth into an optimal position as patients progress through treatment.

Gabriel L. Polo, DDS - Invisalign

Crooked, overcrowded, or gapped teeth can cause both aesthetic and functional dental issues. Misalignment can increase the risk of complications like decay and gingivitis, but straight teeth look aesthetically balanced and proper alignment creates improved hygiene and dental function, resulting in a well-balanced smile.

With straight teeth, individuals can more easily maintain optimal at-home care; there are no tight or overlapped teeth to try and floss between. You can also remove Invisalign trays when eating or brushing, which gives patients the freedom to keep their diet without having to make adjustments.

The benefits of Invisalign braces include:

· Removable Design
· Practically Invisible
· Safe During Sports
· No Metal Components

While traditional braces are still utilized for the most severe cases, most common forms of misalignment teeth are easily addressed by Invisalign clear braces. Patients may opt for teeth whitening at-home using their aligners as whitening trays for a complete comprehensive cosmetic makeover.

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As a strong proponent of the Invisalign method, Dr. Gabriel Polo is knowledgeable with providing aligner treatment that is specifically matched for each individual patient. Our team possesses decades of experience aiding patients in achieving uniform, healthy smiles; you can trust our comprehensive and reliable treatment methods.

After our practice has taken impressions of your smile, our team collaborates with a local lab to generate highly accurate aligners made special to each individual. Patients receive a few aligners at a time and return to our practice as they progress through treatment. During the course of treatment, you will return to our office for occasional check-ups. This ensures your treatment plan is creating the desired effect and meeting your expectations.

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Teeth alignment provides benefits the form and function of your smile, making bring out its natural beauty. Learn more about Invisalign clear braces by calling our practice in The Woodlands, TX and scheduling a consultation with Dr. Gabriel Polo today. 

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