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Permanent New Teeth with All-on-4 Implants in The Woodlands

With advancements in dentistry, the complex problems of missing teeth become less of a serious issue. The technology behind the All-on-4 treatment concept is a comprehensive way to replace entire arches of teeth on the same day as implants are placed; patients can leave our office with a complete and secure smile. 

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Providing a Solution to Missing Teeth

The Woodlands All on 4 Implants

Edentulous patients (all teeth missing) and those with a severely compromised smile can benefit most from the All-on-4 procedure. This technique provides patients with the form and function of a healthy smile.

Dr. Polo employs this technique of implant placement and full-arch restoration developed by Nobel Biocare®. This method utilizes four dental implants that are strategically placed for optimal support and stability. With a great track record of success, All-on-4 is a trusted procedure performed by Dr. Polo. Replacing entire arches of teeth permanent teeth improving a patient’s quality of life and provides them with the results they’ve been searching for.

Patients coming to our practice for All-on-4 receive treatment planning, implant placement, and restorations all from the same dentist. Treatment is cohesive, quality is ensured, and patients are provided with an efficient and comfortable experience. 

Replacing Teeth and Restoring Smiles across Montgomery County

With All-on-4, patients experience restored dental structure, improved bite strength, and renewed smiles. They can speak, eat, and laugh with confidence. This procedure stabilizes full-arch bridges in place and gives patients a brand new set of teeth in just one appointment in many cases.

Using dental implants to stabilize teeth also provides many functional benefits. While discomfort and bone atrophy are common among removable denture users, these become a non-issue when dental implants are placed. Stabilization with implant posts prevents friction caused by dentures resting over gums and encourages jaw strength through stimulation. This helps to improve the longevity of the jawbone and prevent signs of premature aging.  

Patients qualified to receive All-on-4 are in good health and can safely complete dental surgery to have their implants places. Through this innovative treatment process, implants are embedded at an angle and are longer than traditional implants. Patients with bone loss caused by dental health issues do not necessarily need a bone graft before the All-on-4 procedure, making this process more conservative.

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A beautiful, functional smile is what our dentists strive to provide for patients with missing teeth. All-on-4 offers a solution to many issues that are troubling to patients missing an entire arch of teeth. Schedule an appointment with our dental office in The Woodlands for All-on-4 consultation.

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